2nd-12th Grade Environmental Journalists
4-Week Course to Publish Students Articles Online!

This Summer…
Kids are Journalists!
We coach them while they
Then, we PUBLISH their
environmental articles online.
Young journalists promote
environmental sustainability
and inspire other kids
around the world. 🙂

Summer 2020 Environmental Themes

Solar is an adjective that means that something is soaking in energy from the sun (solar panels, solar power, etc.). Energy from the sun helps plants grow and powers the water cycle. All food chains begin with energy, and that energy is passed throughout every living organism. When we are outside in the sun, its warm rays boost our immune system, kill bad bacteria and stimulate production of vitamin D.

We can use renewable energy (or green energy) from the sun as a free source of power! Unfortunately, the majority of people in the world use power that harms the environment (gas, oil, etc.). You can be involved in the clean energy movement by educating people about alternative sources of energy.

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It’s no mystery that temperatures in climates around our world are going up. There are many different reasons why our Earth keeps getting hotter. As you learn about Climate Change, you’ll discover different type of “greenhouse gases.” There is one greenhouse gas that is a HUGE trouble maker! Carbon Dioxide gas is a dense (all the stuff, atoms/molecules, inside the gas is tightly packed together). It’s like a thick wall trapping in the heat from the sun.

Engineers and Scientists are working together to create ways to make our world cooler. We can use solar power instead of fossil fuels that create greenhouse gases. There are also some COOL inventions take some of the Carbon Dioxide out of the air.

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Water is a precious resource that gets “recycled” naturally as it travels through the water cycle. In school, we learn about the role water plays when we experience different forms of weather and how it transfers from a solid, liquid and gas. Since our bodies are 75% water, staying hydrated every day is vital to our heath. We also need water to grow edible gardens, sustain forests and keep grass and other plants growing.

When we do not take care of our environment, the water cycle process does not run properly. There are places in the world where the water is contaminated or poisoned. When water is polluted, that pollution goes into the ocean, the air and the soil. With your help, we can spread the word about water conservation!

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Fruits and veggies in the sore are first grown on a farm. While farming, it’s possible to waste a lot of water, pollute the air or add too many chemicals to the soil. Sustainable is responsible farming. When farmers focus on sustainable farming, they use different farming tricks, or techniques, to help protect the land, air, animals and people who live on and around the farm. The BEST sustainable farming inventions are created when farmers understand how to use Science, Technology and Math!

You may practice sustainable farming experiments at home or school by growing food on your own. It’s important to research what your seeds need to grow into healthy plants. Fruits, vegetables and herbs are delicious when you growth them on your own!

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