Student Journalists: Harley F. & Lucia E. – 4th Grade
School: Unity School in Delray Beach, Florida.
Editor: Linda Etheridge Glatthorn, 4th Grade Science Teacher


We think that cruise ships are a problem because they pollute the water. One way cruise ships pollute the water is because of the sewage. It is called blackwater. A lot of gallons of sewage is let loose into the ocean. Sewage includes waste from the toilets and the health facilities that is included in cruise ships. Sewage has a lot of bacteria and algae. Algae and bacteria is not good for the ocean.

Another reason why cruise ships hurt the water is when they let out the ballast water from the cruise ships. This is a problem because the ballast water contains bacteria, also known as microbes.

Even the most common activities on a cruise ship like cleaning utensils and doing your laundry causes cruise ship pollution. This is called greywater. Greywater contains not just harmful chemicals but sometimes even metals and minerals too. According to information, the average grey water let out of a cruise ship is around 3,30,000 to 9,60,000 million liters a day. That is a lot of water being polluted.

Materials like batteries and chemicals past their expiration date and processing of pictures in a cruise ship also leads to marine pollution. The materials mentioned are risky and dangerous. It is a huge threat to the marine life.

Our conclusion to this terrible problem is to make the cruise ships run on electricity instead of gas. To make the water more healthier we should have stores in the boats to buy more clothing when they are dirty. This will help because washing machines provide a lot of water with chemicals in it. We should also have plentiful utensils for the trip so that you would use a different utensil instead of washing it.


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