Article Theme – Water Conservation

Student Journalists: Rex. R. and Noah N. – 4th Grade
School: Unity School in Delray Beach, Florida.
Editor: Linda Etheridge Glatthorn, 4th Grade Science Teacher


We need to stop global warming for for many reasons related to water. Because it is so warm, antarctica is melting into water. Antarctica is not a floating ice cap. It is a body of rock covered in ice. If it melts the water would cause rivers to flow into the ocean and make the sea level rise. It would cause a lot of flooding.

The way we can stop global warming is by limiting fossil fuel use to stop heat and smoke, we can also plant more trees and plants to give off clean air, we can stop littering so we can keep the earth clean, and Also we can make more solar panels and windmills for clean energy.

In the end it means stop global warming so we can live for many more years. We could possibly end global warming and it can start here! Also make sure to stop littering trash from the water.


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