What is STEAM City Kids?

We are a team of highly passionate educators who strive to make
this world better by inspiring our most precious resource – KIDS!

What is STEAM?
STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Art and Math. Many schools adapt STEM programs, work on STEM-based projects and are promoting careers STEM fields. Then, some savvy creative brain added the “A” to the acronym to blend artwork with STEM. We LOVE this concept of STEAM. For us, the “A” also stands for Language ARTS.

Who runs the website & magazine?
We are STEM educators (visit www.STEAMCityKids.com to learn more about us) who love inspiring students with live animals, hands-on experiments and engaging technology. For over 14 years, we have worked with teachers throughout South Florida. We have seen, first hand, the powerful effect STEM topics and programs have on students. We are now leveraging that enthusiasm to help teachers motivate their students to be pumped for English Language Arts while keeping up with current events and promoting environmental conservation.

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