#FactsFirst – Share the Hashtag – Well Informed Opinions are COOL

One of our missions is to help students develop effective research skills to create well-informed and educated opinions. With the rapid evolution of technology, there are many websites and social media pages with opinion-based information. It’s sometimes difficult to weave through what’s true and what’s not. Some people believe anything they read online (the earth is flat, global warming doesn’t exist, etc.).

When students do not learn to discern between fact and fiction, a blind ignorance may cause them to make political and personal decisions based on someone else’s opinions or false statements.

We want to inspire students to love learning, enjoy keeping up with current events and develop innovate ways to create positive impacts on the world. We are working with teachers & parents to motivate each new generation to be intelligent and think for themselves.

Kids are our future leaders, innovators, scientists, engineers, educators, inventors and creative minds. If we all work together to empower young minds to use their unique talents to create positive changes, the world will have a bright future!

It’s cool to be smart and well informed. It give us the power to make postive changes in the world!
Help us promote #FactsFirst among students.

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