Frequently Asked Questions

For the 2017-2018 school season, we are accepting writing and projects from 3RD GRADE – 8TH GRADERS.

Our first launch in Florida last Spring received amazing feedback from teachers and students! So, this year, we are expanding nationally!

Research: at least 3 SOURCES (CLICK HERE for more information about our #FactsFirst movement.)
Students may list any sources we posted, and teachers may encourage additional research in the classroom or a home.  (Please keep in mind: If we receive an entry without at least 1 primary and 2 secondary resources, it will NOT be posted. CLICK HERE for our research page.)

We are passionate about creating an online community of kids who understand that not everything you see online is true. Students who do not understand how to discern between fact and fiction grow up with an ignorance. For a bright future, we need each new generation to be intelligent and think for themselves.

The purpose of this website is to help teachers inspire and motive students students to be creative and think outside the box while working on classwork. For each month’s environmental theme, we have suggestions for Informative/Explanatory and Persuasive writing and also Projects. Teachers, you know what you’re doing. We do not place a strict limit on the type of entries. If you send us student work that you think is awesome and should be posted, we’ll post it if it fits the theme.

Yes. We do not accept entries without a list of research. We only post student work with at least 3 sources. The sources may be any creditable websites, books or magazines. (Teachers, we know you already go over this with your students. We trust your judgment.)
CLICK HERE for information about our #FactsFirst movement.
CLICK HERE for the Research page.

*Our staff of editors will review each submission before posting. If it’s a simple grammar edit, we’ll fix it. If it’s an incorrect fact, multiple misspellings or consistent incorrect grammar, we’ll send it back for review. The writing must then be edited before resubmitting.

Yes, please CLICK HERE for more information.

No. On each student page, we only include the student’s first name and last initial (along with the teacher’s full name and school).
Please do not send us a picture of the student as it will NOT be posted. We do not share any personal information or post pictures of minors.

We understand that some schools have forms signed by parents that allow the schools to use pictures on websites, social media, etc. If a school or parent wants to post the student’s work along with a picture on their own website or social media, it’s easy to share articles from our website. Since we will be working with so many children, we do not feel comfortable posting pictures – even with parent permission.

At this time, we are accepting writing submissions from 3rd-8th grade students only. 

If you teach a younger grade, we’d be happy to post your class projects on our STEAM City Blog! Maybe you’re doing a solar oven project, shoebox diagrams of animals habitats effected by climate change, etc.

CONTACT US with any questions, and we’d be happy to promote your awesome projects if they fit one of our environmental themes!

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