Our Mission

We work with hundreds of schools throughout South Florida to provide STEM & standards based in-school field trips. When we are invited to teach hand-ons on programs at a schools, we also have the amazing opportunity to speak with teachers in person and over the phone. After years of listening and research, we have now taken action to provide our teachers with exciting opportunities to energize students!
We are creating an online neighborhood in which students, teachers, parents and professionals in STEM fields work together to inspire students.

We are passionate about motivating students to want to write instead of feeling like that have to write. Textbook writing prompts sometimes lack imagination and relevance. Imagine how excited your kids will be as student journalists! They are pumped to research and write if they know their work will be published on STEAM City Kids.

With the constant evolution of technology, many people rely on social media apps as credible news sources. People make environmental, political and personal decisions based on information they think is factual on the internet.

We need to teach students the important skill of discerning between facts and opinions. Our media is heavily saturated with opinion or “fake” stories that are seemly true.

We want students to understand that they must weave among stories on the internet, news stations, newspapers and even community members who give biased opinions about important issues. If kids learn how to research information and compare different viewpoints, they will develop their own well-educated opinions based on facts.

CLICK HERE to read more about our #FactsFirst movement.

The Earth does not have an endless supply of natural resources. It’s our mission to inspire students to think more about environmental. If they are reading, researching, writing and creating art that focuses on conservation, they are more likely to keep that passion once they reach the adult world.
The world NEEDS more young minds developing innovative science & technology ideas to make green energy an affordable option for everyone.

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