Solar Energy – Research Before You Write

Using Solar Energy to Decrease Carbon Dioxide

Solar energy is a power source that does not pollute the air. We learn in school that the sun emits ENERGY. Plants soak in the energy from the sun so they may grow. When an animal eat a plant, energy is passed to the animal… and then the energy travels up through the food chain. People also need energy from good so we can use our brains, move around and stay healthy.

The heat energy from the sun powers the water cycle, hurricanes and so much more! Imagine if people around the world used the power from the sun instead of other forms of energy that pollute the environment. There are inventors and engineers who are developing more and more ways to leverage solar power – maybe you will be one of them!
(Click here to read an article about solar energy on Britannica Kids, and explore more articles.)

Why is it important to decrease Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere?

Do you remember the last time you were in the car at a gas station? A family member was filling the car’s tank up with oil… and it was really smelly. The oil is a fossil fuel that powers the car. As the car burns the oil, carbon dioxide (CO2) is released into the air. CO2 is a dense gas in our atmosphere that traps in heat. This keep us alive on earth – we can’t live on a freezing cold planet. However, scientists around the world agree that we need to think of new clean power sources. The increase in CO2 and other greenhouse gases is causing global warming.
Click here to learn more about CO2 on NASA’s climate page.
Research more on NASA’s website while you’re there!

Changing Lives with a Simple Innovation

You can make a BIG difference with just a simple idea, a lot of motivation and a caring heart. Illac Diaz invented a solar bottle light that is an affordable option for many people living in poverty and darkness because they don’t have electricity.  He is a hero in so many people’s eyes. Families who do not have enough money for electricity use candles for light. However, the flames cause fires. They also need to pay for more candles and matches as the candles melt away. The solar bottle lights cost $1 to make, last for a long time and are very inexpensive to replace.

CLICK HERE to watch a video about Liter of Light. You will see how the simple solar light works and how it gives people light during the day and night.

Illac is a great person to research and feature in your writing. He has an interesting life story and has helped many people with his nonprofit work. Writing about his life and contributions will inspire other kids and adults to think of ways they may help others.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Illac and his non-profit organization, “Liter of Light.”

Creating New Jobs as Techology Evolves

Job creation is important to Americans. We want to make sure there are enough jobs for everyone so people can afford to support families, buy groceries and pay for someplace to live. With the evolution of technology, one concern people have is that more technology means fewer jobs. However, adding new alternative energy companies can actually create NEW jobs!

Power plants normally pollute the air with high doses of greenhouse emissions which harm our environment. Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is a greenhouse gas that contributes to Climate Change. CLICK HERE to learn about air pollution from CO2.

CLICK HERE to see a list of the 5 largest solar power plants in the world. Are any located in the United States?

OCI Solar Power is it a company that designs and builds large solar panel programs around throughout the Unites States. CLICK HERE to view the OCI website!

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