5 Steps to Becoming a STEAM City Kid

1. Learn about how science and engineering help with successful sustainable farming.
2. Research different methods of sustainable farming and its benefits.
3. Conduct experiments by growing plants from seeds and use engineering to design farming solutions at home and/or in school.
4. Create your own opinions, ideas and inventions.
5. Write about it with your teacher’s help, and we’ll publish your work online!

We need fresh fruits and vegetables to live healthy lives. People depend farmers around the world that grow the food we buy in stores, restaurants and local markets. As you will read below, we can use something as simple as a plastic bottle to light up a room. There are also high-tech creations that use the sun’s energy.

Learn about the science of farming. Maybe you’d like to conduct a science experiment growing your own seeds into plants. You can create a compost in your backyard or grow herbs inside. As you research and learn about sustainable farming, you will find a topic that interested you. Then, write your own article, create a project, design artwork or develop a video about sustainable farming. Work with your teacher in class, and send it to us. Then, we will publish your work online. YOU are smart, creative and you have the power to inspire other kids and even adults!!

You can start learning about sustainable farming by reading the information below on this page about vertical farming, and you may be inspired to come up with an idea of your own!

All sustainable farming themed student writing & projects must be submitted on or before Wednesday, March 27th.
Email us with any questions & articles: STEAMCityKids@gmail.com

Vertical Farming

People use engineering and technology to improve sustainable farming. AeroFarms is a sustainable farming company that grows fresh vegetables in New Jersey. Then they sell their vegetables at local grocery stores. Instead of growing food outside in fields, they built vertical towers inside a large building that hold all of the growing plants. We learn that plants need soil to grow. The aeroponic growing system the AeroFarms team created creates healthy plants without soil!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the technology and engineering AeroFarms uses to create sustainable farming.

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