Article Theme – Water Conservation

Student Journalists: Francesca W.
Grade: 4th grade students
School: Unity School in Delray Beach, Florida.
Editor: Linda Etheridge Glatthorn, 4th Grade Science Teacher


We need to help stop water pollution! Do you really want the water we drink to be dirty? Well I don’t, so we should stop pollution anywhere. It is getting out of hand, and some of us don’t even care! That’s not fair! So we need to fight water pollution.

What is water pollution? Water pollution is contamination of water, and it is mostly coming from us from things such as nets, hooks, water bottles. Some people don’t even know that they are hurting animals., plus they aren’t just hurting animals – they are hurting us too. Do you want to go to the beach and see a dead fish on the sand? Or do you want to swim in the ocean and step on a hook? It has happened. Do you want to be swimming and see a dead fish just floating in the water because of a plastic bag? All of these things have happened. So it should stop now!

Did you know that fish are attracted to shiny objects? So when you throw jewelry, hooks, and other objects animals get attracted to it. It makes me so sad to see this happening all over the world. I once caught a fish for my uncle, he cut it open, and there was a bright ring in it. After that time a really got into trying to stop pollution. Everywhere you go try to find pollution when you see a can on the ground, pick it up! When you are taking a hike and find a trail mix wrapper, pick it up and throw it away.

How to stop yourself from polluting is to always throw away your wrappers in the garbage can. To not just throw you cans onto the ground when your done. You don’t have to eat fish to love them, and i don’t want their homes to be polluted. Would you like someone to come into your home and throw cans all over it, and pour soda and juices onto your floor I don’t?

There are so many different types of pollution. Do you know those six pack rings that come around beer and sodas? They get thrown into the ocean because i don’t even know why?! It’s disgrace to humankind! They kill fish turtles and every kind of animal in the ocean because they try to eat them.


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